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Are you turning 65 soon? Do you have questions about Medicare?

Find confidence in your future Medicare decisions as I help you through the process so you can select a plan that fits your individual situation. Senior Health Plan Pro’s (sm) is here to teach you the A, B, C, and D’s of Medicare. I have broken down the onboarding process into 3 easy, simple, and straightforward steps so that you will never have to worry, wonder, or have any doubts about understanding the basics you need to select the best plan for your individual situation. You do not want to be confused and pick a plan that you don’t really understand until you have a serious health event, and you need to start using it. You do not want a bad health year to turn into a bad financial year as well.

It's as Easy as 1- 2- 3

STEP 1: Attend the Weekly Webinar

The first step of my easy 3-step process is attending a FREE 60-Min Medicare 101 Educational Webinar.

STEP 2: Make an appointment for a one-on-one call with a licensed agent.

Schedule a 15-min personal consultation or a 90-min “assisted” enrollment meeting with a licensed agent that will guide you through the process, start to finish.

STEP 3: Plans Portal. Enroll into a Plan that is Right for you.

This is for an “unassisted enrollment” using technology to guide you. Choose from a selection of Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare prescription drug plan’s available in your area.

Do you find you have a lot of fear and questions about turning 65?

Client Testimonials

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Responsive Table
State Number of Insurance Carriers Number of Plans
Minnesota 10 105
Iowa 7 74
South Dakota 4 15
Ohio 4 70
Virginia 4 58
North Carolina 4 55
Florida 4 188
Texas 5 231
Colorado 5 54
California 5 180



StateNumber of Insurance CarriersNumber of Plans
South Dakota415
North Carolina455